Welcome to the Early Warning Network

Actionable Intelligence. Prepared for Anything. Always Out Front.

Welcome to the Early Warning Network

The Early Warning Network is a membership platform run by intelligence and special operations veterans dedicated to staying informed and prepared.
We built the Early Warning Network to keep members informed of domestic and geopolitical risk, so they can stay ahead of disruptive change and keep their families and communities safe.

Forewarned is Forearmed

We can't always know the future, but we can anticipate it and be prepared. 

Think of us like a close friend on the inside who passes information to you.

Most of our analysts have deep experience in overseas conflicts and contingency zones. We've done this in fast-paced, high risk environments. And now we're doing this for the Early Warning Network.

What You'll Get

As a member of the Early Warning network, you'll get access to our latest intelligence briefings covering:
  • U.S. agriculture & the food supply
  • Oil and energy
  • Critical infrastructure & the power grid
  • Commerce & supply chains
  • Politics & governance
  • Economics & finance
  • Low Intensity Conflict (extremist groups and political violence)
  • Geostrategic shocks & the risk of war

Get Plugged In

When you join the Early Warning network today, you'll get access to:
  • Our flagship daily Early Warning Report, containing that day's "need to know" information. It's out Monday through Friday at 0800 Eastern so you can start your day with context.
  • Our Protest and Riot Tracker. Find out about civil unrest before it happens, so you can keep yourself and your family safe.
  • The Early Warning Intel Feed, where our analysts share updates after the morning report, so that you can see the latest intelligence no matter the time of day.
  • Region Ready chat forums where members from across the network share information about local and regional developments. We're up and running in all 50 states.
  • Early Warning Webcasts, where we provide knowledge and training, and interview subject matter experts on preparedness, security, strategic relocation, financial preparedness, and other critical topics.
  • The "Civil Recon" project connects members directly to analysts. Members can securely pass information to our analysts, so we can provide more robust intelligence on everything from violent social groups and protests to threats to critical infrastructure and overseas geopolitical developments.
  • The Early Warning Ham Radio Network can be your lifeline during the next emergency. When the internet goes down, members can still receive intelligence reporting through the airwaves, and join our Ham Radio corps to pass information.